People Counting Solutions

FootfallCam people counting solutions, is a UK engineered people counter to optimize business operations efficiently. From retail chains to shopping malls, airports to public venues, our people counter offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer activities so you can drive business growth.
FootfallCam People Counting Camera is engineered with reliability and efficiency in every function of the device. Every aspect of our people counter is designed with efficient detail to ensure that it can provide the most accurate, most reliable, and most cost-effective people counting solution the market has to offer. As the manufacturer of the system, we ensure that only top-grade materials are used in the design approach of the device, to offer you a high-quality people counting system.

People Counter Using Stereoscopic Vision

  • Most Accurate - 95%+ accuracy
  • Most Reliable - Hardware Lifespan 25 years
  • Most Advanced - Quad Core 1.2 GHz processor
  • Most Cost Effective - Widest coverage, single lens type for all kind of ceiling

People Counting for Retail Chains

People counters is a must have IT system for most established retail chain. FootfallCam People Counting Camera provides people counting solutions to retail chains of all sizes, ranging from multinational companies to individual retail stores. Taking advantage of the FootfallCam People Counting Analytic Manager, retailers can improve their sales revenue, and measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.
  • Usage: Sales conversion tracker
  • Accuracy: 95% and above
  • Reports: Weekly and Daily

How Retailers Use People Counting Data?

Understand the Visitor Traffic

Evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail chains by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industrial average. Utilize the five metrics to identify underperforming stores to as a base point to improving your business.

Improve Sales Conversion

Evaluate the performance of your store compared to similar retail chains by benchmarking your sales opportunities with the industrial average. Utilize the five metrics to identify underperforming stores to as a base point to improving your business.

Measure Marketing Effectiveness

Track the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and identify bottlenecks while continually optimizing campaigns across every channel. So, you can make smarter decisions about where to invest your marketing dollars for the best return on investment.

Retail Traffic Counter

Measuring the number of visitors that enter the store. In conjunction to the Analytics Manager V8, the data will be aggregated to produce site weekly report. This will enable store managers to review the sales conversion of their stores and make quantify the number of visitors that enter the store but do not make a purchase. The company weekly report will provide CEO with an overview of the performance of all their stores for them to make data driven decision.

Solution Overview

  • Optimize Sales Conversion - Identify how much better your business can be and capitalize on visitors that enter the store but do not make any purchases.
  • Make Data-centric Decisions - Avoid making the wrong decision and make cost saving decisions backed up by indisputable evidence to your operations.
  • Set Realistic Sales Target - With visual insight into the opportunities of each store, you will be able to categorize your store based on performance level and derive an actionable plan to improve sales.
  • Marketing Effectiveness Evaluation - Measure the overall visitor count and other business metrics in three different time period, before, during, and after the promotional campaign to gauge the return on investment.

Why FootfallCam People Counting Camera ?

  • Cost Effective - With competitively priced support contract, extended warranty, and complimentary free software license for life, our people counter offers the lowest total cost of ownership across the industry.
  • Accurate - With 3D stereo vision counting, FootfallCam People Counting Camera can ensure accuracy of 98% with video proof. Thus, enabling you to make data driven decisions with reassurance.
  • Easy to Export Data - Easily export the people counting data into your own business intelligence system from our Analytic Manager V8 through our built in integration modules.
  • Future Proof - Start with just a simple door counting solution and expand to a smart store in the future. Upgrade or add new features such as ESL or Digital Signages with the same infrastructure without any upgrade cost.
  • Proven Case Studies - FootfallCam People Counting is the largest provider of people counting solutions in the world. We have completed projects from varying sizes ranging from individual stores like T.H Baker (14 store), Joules (121 stores), to large retail chain like AS Watsons (5,000 stores).

People Counting for Shopping Malls

People counters are a critical tool to the success of shopping malls. FootfallCam People Counting Camera have experience in providing people counters to shopping malls of various sizes. By leveraging the data offered by FootfallCam People Counting Analytic Manager, shopping mall operators can use traffic data to benchmark their performance, determine the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and substantiate the value of retail spaces.

Usage: Shopper profiling module

Accuracy: 95% and above

Reports: Monthly, Weekly and Daily

Visitor Trend Analysis

People counters are placed at the mall entrances for door counting, shopping mall management will be able to understand the visitor count to gain insights in how well the mall is performing and understand the visitor trend over different days of the week and month.

Shopper Journey Profiling

Using path counting to visualize the traffic flow of visitors to determine which pathways are often used to plan placements of advertisement displays and digital signages while traffic heatmap provides in-depth view into how engaged shoppers are to determine the effectiveness of those displays and signages.

Planning Staff Allocations

FootfallCam People Counting washroom management module enables users to identify which facilities are underutilize to plan allocation of maintenance staff and plan out their cleaning schedules. The cleaning schedules of staff are based on usage of facilities instead of a recurring predetermined time.

Our people counter software is a readymade module designed with IT and business collaboration in mind. Modularized for rapid results, managers will be able to use its legible data to make informed business decisions. The FootfallCam People Counting Analytic Manager is a centralized management system available on FootfallCam People Counting cloud server, and a lifetime license is made available for all users free of charge.

People Counting Software that Provide Centralized Analytical Functions
  • Cloud or Corporate Server Option Available
  • Data Integration API for importing and exporting data
  • 60+ Predefined business reports and workspace for relevant industries
  • Centralized Management for all Counters

Web Based Interface

Enterprise web-based control panel designed for customers who are managing many counters. By collecting data from all counters and store them in a centralized server, users can carry out deep analytics by remotely accessing FootfallCam People Counting Analytic Manager from anywhere

Big Data Analytics

With a prescriptive dashboard and reports to showcase analysis, users will be able to have better visibility on their store performance level. With access to over 60+ different reports that helps to answer specific business questions, data gets turned into meaningful analyses so you can make data driven decisions to improve your business.

Counting Accuracy Certificates

As the layout of every store is unique, FootfallCam People Counting Camera specialist will calibrate each device. FootfallCam People Counting Camera will manually audit the accuracy of each counter by recording a short video and comparing the differences between systematic count and manual count. An accuracy audit certificate will then be generated along with video proof used in the process to verify the accuracy.

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