About Us

We deal with major brands in the industry with a wide range of products to fulfil the needs of our clients; all backed with efficient customer services. We excel in providing the right products at the right price and deliver goods on time. In addition, our clients trust and value our product knowledge and industry expertise, to provide the right solution and advice for them. We have the expertise and technical knowhow of Global Sourcing and Procurement. This gives us the edge to source and provide our clients with best choice of products.


  1. Purpose: To satisfy our clients inimitable needs, provide quality goods at the right price and maintain on-time delivery, every time.
  2. Vision: To be a leader in the industry and compelling choice for our esteemed clients.
  3. Mission Statement: To build long term relationships with our clients and provide exceptional customer services, by pursuing business through innovation and advanced technology.
  4. Core belief and values: Respect for the individual. Service to our clients. Strive for excellence. Integrity and business ethics integrated in all aspects of our business functioning. Being mindful of "environment friendly".
  5. Goals: Regional expansion and develop a strong base of key clients. Increase the assets and investments of the company to support the expansion and development of services. To build a good reputation and become a key player in the industry.
","9":"Fluorescent Lights 2","10":"Industrial, Exterior & Amenity Lights","11":"Granite","12":"Marble","13":"Silestone 1","14":"Silestone 2","15":"Silestone 3","17":"Cabinet-Door Profile","18":"Silestone Tops","19":"Kitchen Sinks","20":"Bath Tubs","21":"Wash Basins & Commodes","23":"Tapes","24":"Brushes","25":"Fastners","26":"Abrasives","27":"Lubricants, Solvents & Compounds","28":"Other Consumables 1","29":"Other Consumables 2","30":"Hand Tools 1","31":"Hand Tools 2","32":"Coveralls 1 Of 3","33":"Coveralls 2 Of 3","34":"Coveralls 3 Of 3","35":"FR Coveralls 1 Of 3","36":"FR Coveralls 2 Of 3","37":"FR Coveralls 3 Of 3","38":"Kitchen Cabinets 1","39":"Kitchen Cabinets 2","40":"Kitchen Cabinets 3","41":"SOLID WOOD BEDS & BEDSIDES","42":"SOLID WOOD BIRCH DOORS FOR CABINETS","43":"SOLID WOOD CABINETS","44":"Other Consumables 3","45":"Other Consumables 4","46":"Hi Visibility Suits 1","47":"Hi Visibility Suits 2","48":"Hi Visibility Suits 3","49":"Beds & Bedsides","50":"Birch Doors","51":"Cabinets","53":"Chair Covers","54":"Bradley Portable Gravity Eyewash Station","55":"Eyesaline Eye & Face Wash Wall-Station","56":"Eyevex Eye Wash Wall-Station","57":"Fendall Eyewash Station","58":"Guardian Portable Gravity Eyewash Station","59":"Plum Eye Wash Wall-Station","60":"Sellstrom Eyewash Station","61":"Eyesaline Eyewash Concentrate","62":"Eyesaline Eyewash Solution","63":"Plum Eyewash Solution","64":"Sperian Water Additive Eyewash","65":"FootfallCam Camera 1 Of 10","66":"FootfallCam Camera 2 Of 10","67":"FootfallCam Camera 3 Of 10","68":"FootfallCam Camera 4 Of 10","69":"FootfallCam Camera 5 Of 10","70":"FootfallCam Camera 6 Of 10","71":"FootfallCam Camera 7 Of 10","72":"FootfallCam Camera 8 Of 10","73":"FootfallCam Camera 9 Of 10","74":"FootfallCam Camera 10 Of 10",} $(function () { 'use strict'; var countriesArray = $.map(countries, function (value, key) { return { value: value, data: key }; }); // Setup jQuery ajax mock: $.mockjax({ url: '', responseTime: 2000, response: function (settings) { var query = settings.data.query, queryLowerCase = query.toLowerCase(), re = new RegExp('\\b' + $.Autocomplete.utils.escapeRegExChars(queryLowerCase), 'gi'), suggestions = $.grep(countriesArray, function (country) { // return country.value.toLowerCase().indexOf(queryLowerCase) === 0; return re.test(country.value); }), response = { query: query, suggestions: suggestions }; this.responseText = JSON.stringify(response); } }); // Initialize ajax autocomplete: $('#autocomplete-ajax').autocomplete({ // serviceUrl: '/autosuggest/service/url', lookup: countriesArray, lookupFilter: function(suggestion, originalQuery, queryLowerCase) { var re = new RegExp('\\b' + $.Autocomplete.utils.escapeRegExChars(queryLowerCase), 'gi'); return re.test(suggestion.value); }, onSelect: function(suggestion) { window.location = 'product-details.php?id='+suggestion.data; //$('#selction-ajax').html('You selected: ' + suggestion.value + ', ' + suggestion.data); }, onHint: function (hint) { $('#autocomplete-ajax-x').val(hint); }, onInvalidateSelection: function() { $('#selction-ajax').html('You selected: none'); } }); });